I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane…

This blog will be my home away from home for the next few years. Travelling has always been an aspiration of mine; buy a one way ticket, see the world, make no solid plans as to where, when and who. Leave on a jet plane, not knowing when I’ll be back again. All that jazz. I feel as though I have spent my twenties waiting around for opportunities that were never going to arise and people that were never going to join me on the road.

jet plane

After the break-down of one-such relationship, I woke up to the fact that life is for living and I’m not getting any younger. I have made a pact with myself to seize the day, not let any more opportunities pass me by and to do things that scare me. Which is a lot. I have a diagnosed anxiety disorder that can send me into panic mode at the drop of a hat. Normal situations and conversations to you, are a melting pot of emotion to me.


My travel experience is set to be a journey and not just in the literal sense. I want to challenge the stereotype of mental illness for the general public, for other sufferers and, perhaps most of all, for myself. I want to prove to myself that I am just as capable as anyone else and I don’t want to be defined and imprisoned by it any longer.


It’s now or never. My job doesn’t pay very well so after scrimping for a couple of years, I will still have to work on the road. This means there is a time limit. For both New Zealand and Australia that means applying for a VISA before you are 30 and working before you turn 31. When I leave (planned departure date November 2015) I will be 2 months away from turning 29. Carpe Diem as they say!


As a solo female traveller equipped with an anxiety disorder and the pallor of a ghost, I am gritting my teeth, grabbing my back pack and heading for the East. Come what may.

Wish me luck, I am petrified and terrifically excited in equal measure.

11 thoughts on “I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane…

  1. Sounds awesome to me!! This is what I am doing next year, but swap anxiety with Crohns disease and you have hit the nail on the head! Best of luck and I look forward to reading about your adventures!

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