Craving Routine

I don’t want to have regrets but I can’t stop thinking about how I didn’t go to Lopburi.

My bucket list item, Lopburi. My listed in ‘Thailand, Regrets and Returning’, Lopburi.

It seems that after nearly six months, my lethargy and apathy towards exploration has well and truly struck me and even bucket list items are becoming a thing of less importance. Good timing then that I start my volunteer placement on Monday and will be in one fixed spot for two months. I think it’s needed. Some routine, rest from travel and recuperation from drinking, always being on the go, never getting enough sleep and not being in one spot for longer than a couple of days before taking on another cross country marathon of a journey to my next hit spot.

It’s no wonder you become less enthused at the thought of exploring ancient ruins populated by monkeys that attempt to mug you with the perfect company of a new friend (no, still sounds amazing and I’m pissed at myself).


Never mind, this time in three days and I’ll be at Orangutan central, population me, eleven other volunteers and a whole lot of apes.

Ps. Who has seen the new Jungle Book? King Louis kind of freaked me out for what is to come…. 😕

3 thoughts on “Craving Routine

  1. I’ve just got this so bad! I have been out 3 months, just got to Australia, and I’m pretty excited to get a job and stay in one place for a while. 🙂


    1. Yeah! I can’t wait for the same. I’m itching to be on the road again now
      Got 5 weeks travel then I’m in one spot in Cambodia painting for 2 months and then it’ll be job time in Oz for me too. Where you settling? 😊

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      1. No idea. I have a few weeks with my sister in Queensland. Then just where ever I find a good job. 🙂


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