Happy Birthday To Me

Do you ever look at people when you find out their age and wonder, how can I possibly be the same age as you? Most 30 year olds that I know are climbing that famous metaphorical ladder towards their chosen career, halfway to buying a house or creating their nuclear family and maybe halfway down … More Happy Birthday To Me

The Absolute Dream

After nearly eleven months, my time in Asia has come to a close. The visa I arranged for Australia a year in advance needs to be activated before October 10. I made this application so long ago for logistical reasons; if they need extra documentation, health checks, evidence of anything… this would be easier to … More The Absolute Dream

One of the best

Sometimes the best days come in the most unexpected packages. I woke the other day to a barrage of anxiety. I was panic stricken, miserable, scared and I didn’t know why. I didn’t know what to do with myself and how to overcome it.  I couldn’t face being locked in that bathroom painting again all … More One of the best