Once More Into The Unknown

Despite it being in the grand plan (phase two of the grand plan in fact), buying my flight to Australia was nothing short of panic inducing.

Leaving the near year long adventure of Asia; friends, familiarity and freedom, cheap living, relaxing and the backpacker life for expensive living in a land unknown, getting myself back into the responsible adult world of work and flat hunting, making friends again and setting myself up a base.

Starting from scratch. Into the unknown. I’m not ready to leave.

I haven’t finished my art, I don’t want to leave Neil, I don’t want to say goodbye to my life here yet. M’Pai Bay has become home and I’m happy. Truly happy and I’ve always been one to hate change. As someone who lives a life in fear, fear of the unknown has always posed itself as one of the biggest.

But… there’s a Jurassic Park exhibition on in Melbourne until 2 October which I HAVE to see. It was cheaper for me to fly at the end of September and so, booking now and booking for when I have was necessary.

Change can be good, is my new mantra. I already have some friends there, I’m forcing myself to remember. One of which is the aforementioned Charlie Browne, the legend from Siem reap that made me unable to leave for 3 weeks.
And so, it’s onto new adventures, experiences and challenges.

It will be good to have routine again and the art can wait. I WILL be back here to M’Pai Bay before I go back home and this was always part of the plan. Melbourne is like Bristol I keep getting told. And Bristol is my favourite city in the world.

There will be no language barrier, good sanitation levels and I’ve never met an Aussie I don’t like.

Wish me luck. I’ve done the thing I hate the most and committed. Kissed goodbye to flexibility, alternative plans and this land I’ve called home for two months.

27 September 2016. Life changes again.

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