Fundraising Related Panic

I had a bit of a melt down yesterday.


I owe this to the fact that I have now reached the “three-months-to-departure” date and I have so much still to do. Recently, this has started weighing heavily in my mind and I have had so much swimming around in my head, that it has all become a bit overwhelming.

I was at work (where I am spending too many hours currently for the big save) and I had to take a fifteen minute panic attack related time out. Locked in a cubicle armed only with a pen, scrap of paper and my own panicked breathing, I wrote everything down, compartmentalised the worries and decided what I needed to deal with right this minute now and what could wait.

FYI: Lists are an essential calm-the-****-down-and-collect-your-thoughts must-do for anyone who suffers with anxiety, OCD, or just gets easily flustered. I am an avid list-maker; a listaholic if you will, and I stand firm at the opinion that getting all your thoughts into a neatly organised list will make any problem seem less daunting.

So, I spent the week planning fundraisers for my Orang-utan Rehabilitation Mission.

I have planned:

  • 10 August – A cake sale at work
  • 2 – 7 September – An 87 mile coastal walk from Bude to Chapel Porth in Cornwall.
  • 24 September and 27 October – two pub quizzes
  • October – an electronic dance music night at a club in Bristol (still in flux: every date, venue and dj under the sun has been batted around and it still seems to be causing me a headache!)

It’s going to be a busy few months!

Note to self and anyone who maybe in a similar position: Planning for first time solo travel is stressful. It’s scary and overwhelming and difficult. Trying to squeeze five fundraising events, training for one of them, working 50 hour weeks, moving house, vaccines, VISAs, insurance and forcing yourself to actually commit and buy that ticket all whilst trying to maintain a fitness regime and a social life in a three month deadline is exhausting.

 **I must remember to breathe**

More info on each of these events will be posted here as developments progress.

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