Happy New Year

It seems strange to be sitting here on the beach I’ve talked about for so long, seeing in the New Year with my friend and a bottle of champagne. 365 days ago I was nursing a cruel hangover in a new house with people I didn’t know too well and unfamiliar situations and surroundings. Changes had recently been made and bigger changes were to come. 2015 saw me actively seeking help for my anxiety, letting go of long – standing situations that were imprisoning my mind and embracing life and all it could throw at me.


Though it was scary for 2014 to become 2015 and the year I was to travel the world, especially as it had been planned as this date for such a long period of time, it was also immensely exciting.

By the end of 2015 I would be in some far flung foreign land and life would be completely different for me.


I have a habit of asking ridiculous questions. And I love it. It’s a way of breaking the ice with new people, of finding out more about friends and of making someone laugh when they are down. “What’s your favourite thing you’ve done so far on your travels? Who do you prefer? Would you rather situation A or situation B? What would your superpower be?” For four years my answer to this last question has been teleportation, and the reason? So I could come to this very beach I’m sat on now with my best mate, Neil. Just to be ridiculous and giggly and together again.


A friend asked me this morning to tell her five things I am grateful for. I answered as a joke “getting out of this spider infested hole, the new years hangover ceasing, blah blah blah”. Really though, I am grateful for so much.

1. Friends and family old and new. You know who you are and I’m in super-friend love with every bloody one of you.
2. Being alive and able to witness life around me.
3. Having my health and happiness.
4. The ability to travel, explore, feed my curiosity and grow as a person.
5. Who I am today. Embracing my anxiety, being brave enough to tackle it head on and brave enough to embark on this solo journey which will continue to shape me every day.

2015 saw me change and grow in ways I couldn’t have predicted or expected. If 2016 goes to plan, I will be in Australia this time next year. Who knows what will happen between then and now?

There is a slightly blue undertone to my cheer. I am missing Bristol and the beautiful familiar faces a lot today. My anxiety is prevalent and prominent but I put that down to the fact my fragile little mind does not deal well with change. I am leaving Neil tomorrow. The New Year brings with it anticipation and expectation and I’m once again uprooting myself from my now comfortable surroundings for the unknown. But that’s what travel is about.


Happy New Year everyone, may 2016 be fortuitous and amazing for you all xxxxxx

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