Female travel problems

I woke up this morning and looked at my eyebrows. I shouldn’t have done. Or rather, I should have done about eight weeks ago.

Constantly being on the move and filled with excitement about a new place is not conducive to hair removal. You would think spending time on beaches and everyday with your legs out would make shower time almost 50% dedicated to razor time. It doesn’t.Ā  I’m showering off the sweat of the day. I’m showering in a rush because I have to get out to that waterfall. I’m showering hungover. Legs and other hair removal areas of need are addressed accordingly when I think about it. Maybe weekly. This should definitely be more.Ā  But eyebrows…


I have not thought about my eyebrows since day one.Ā  That means it’s been over 9 whole weeks since I took a tweezer to my brow. That’s disgusting.

I’m taking the forest on my forehead to be a representation of the fun I have had. Clearly I’ve been so dedicated to the adventure, that I’ve forgotten to keep up appearances.

This fun forest is being cut down, today. And don’t worry, the actual fun forest has been kept nicely in check (reasonably šŸ˜‰ )

3 thoughts on “Female travel problems

  1. Loving your blog Beckie. Keep on with the messages. Sounds like you are loving every minute (knew you would) embracing new places and people. Love to hear more as you take this journey. Xxx

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