2016, You Beauty!

So, as I’m sure you are aware, 2016 was a bad year with regards to many things: celebrity death on a level that seems like the year was cursed, controversial political debacles, violence, war, poverty and natural disasters…. but for me, on a personal level, this year has probably been one of the best in my life.

Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Borneo, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Australia.

A silent 29th birthday in a yoga retreat, tomb raiding at Angkor Wat, exploring every corner of Vietnam on motorbike, hidden bars, national parks, kayaks, beaches, tubing, caves, dinosaur museums, waterfalls, bike riding, country-wide water fights, museums of horrors, volunteering with orangutans, climbing mountains, trying scuba diving, tasting new food, trekking, boat touring, more temple exploration, homestays, wild swimming, painting, drinking, bonding, first job in over a year, first house in over a year, gigs, music, road trips and everything in between.

I have met some of my favourite people in the world this year and been reunited with old friends too. It feels totally ridiculous and wonderful to say that this is my life. I have been more terrified, fortunate, free and blissfully happy all in one big blob of lushness this year and that challenge; forcing myself to live outside my comfort zone every single day is what has made this experience and I hope, what is starting to shape me for the better for my future.

2016 was less of a conscious, hands on tackling of my mental health and self improvement than 2015 but subconsciously, I’ve felt myself gaining confidence with new people as well as with myself. On the road you can be truly you, because who cares what person A in the bar thinks of you, or person B on your tour as you will never have to see them again. I have been met with so much friendship and kindness and this has proven to me that I can be more confident in who I am.

I hope you all had the best 2016 despite what may have been happening in the wider sphere of the world, and I am sending you best wishes for your 2017.

This one is going to be a good one ❤

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