Merry Christmas… No, wait

It’s cold and wet. It’s dark when I leave work. When I’m home I am living in my dinosaur onesie. There’s an air of excitement in the office as people gear up for their long weekend and little chocolate treats are being left on the desks awaiting our arrival in the morning. This can only mean one thing…


No, wait… I’m four months late. Okay, so it’s Easter but this British girl can’t deal.

At Easter back home people are getting overexcited about the Mercury hitting 20°c for the first time in the year – cardi’s off, flip flops on. First beer garden bevs are being drunk and someone, somewhere has complained about the cost of a creme egg. Easter marks the start of Spring, clocks going forwards, late summer nights that don’t get dark until 10pm and festivals. Three glorious months of some of the best festivals in the world.

But here… its rainy and cold and double glazing is not a thing here for some reason. Now I realise of course, that England is hardly the Caribbean but I can deal with the long nights and dark days when Christmas is just round the corner. But a hot Christmas and cold easter?! Something just feels wrong and my brain feels confused. I’m getting the first pangs of Christmas excitement I’ve had since 2014 and its not even the season to be jolly!

Well I, for one, will be wearing my Christmas hat this weekend and next year, I’m swapping them.

Happy Easter Readers 😊

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