The Absolute Dream

After nearly eleven months, my time in Asia has come to a close. The visa I arranged for Australia a year in advance needs to be activated before October 10. I made this application so long ago for logistical reasons; if they need extra documentation, health checks, evidence of anything… this would be easier to … More The Absolute Dream

‘Nam with the Fam’

Vietnam. Possibly the most beautiful country I have explored so far. Tree covered marble moutains rising from the mist, forests of pine trees juxtaposed with rice paddies and golden sand beaches stretching for miles. And, I’ve equipped myself with three beauties of my own to travel with.   In Dalat, the dream dorm team was … More ‘Nam with the Fam’

Miss(ing) Saigon

After a ten hour sleeper journey (during the day!) from Kep, Cambodia, in a fully reclined chair at the back of the bus… I arrived in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, otherwise known as Saigon. I stepped off the bus in complete bewilderment. I thought Bangkok’s roads were bad! Saigon permanently looks like the start … More Miss(ing) Saigon