Things Travel Has Taught Me

You don’t pack up and leave your home and everything you’ve ever known behind you without learning a few things along the way. The ever-challenging and eye opening daily adventure that is “the road” is constantly equipping me with further life skills and shaping the person I am. I am a more confident and less … More Things Travel Has Taught Me

Laosy Luck

My time in Laos was fleeting and a mixed bag of laughter, lush people, loneliness and bad luck. Flying into Luang Prabang potentially ruined the rest of Laos for me; I loved it. There was culture, there were other travellers, I could party by night and explore by day, it was SO CLEAN (a rare … More Laosy Luck

Back to Bangkok

After nearly 24 hours of travel; a boat, bus, mini bus, border crossing, another mini bus and a sleeper train; I have made it back to Thailand. Back to the land of smiles. The land where water costs me 12p instead of £1 and the land of the 7/11. I never thought I’d miss a … More Back to Bangkok