Back to Bangkok

After nearly 24 hours of travel; a boat, bus, mini bus, border crossing, another mini bus and a sleeper train; I have made it back to Thailand. Back to the land of smiles. The land where water costs me 12p instead of £1 and the land of the 7/11. I never thought I’d miss a chain convenience store but boy, that place rocks after four months of nothing but shanty style local stores.


My bed on the sleeper train

I have to say, crossing that border and seeing the ‘Welcome to Thailand’ sign, felt weirdly like coming home. I didn’t realise I’d missed it so much.

Thailand. The place with all those bucket list items missed and the place with Songkhran, Thai New Year; a water festival kicking off next week that has been on my bucket list for 10 years.

I am meeting a friend here, in Bangkok in three days before we head up to Chiang Mai to meet a few more friends (one of which happens to be a member of my Dutch adopted family <3) and celebrate in style.


I can't wait.

Laos was a bit of a mixed bag for me with so much fun in the north and then pretty lonely days with a run of bad luck towards the end. I decided to leave early and it was the right choice.

So for now, I am in Bangkok. Let's hope it's kinder to me than it was last time.

Three days until party time. Shit's about to get real.

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